The Big Blue Swim, founded in 2011, is a swimming holiday company solely specialising in Greece, aiming to truly immerse the swimmer in the culture and landscapes of this beautiful country. Our knowledge of Greece comes from first hand experience, due to our Greek family ties and wealth of experience of living and travelling all around this amazingly diverse country. Michael (Mihalis) one of the two founders of The Big Blue Swim, was born in Athens and has lived in various parts of Greece. Both founders Michael and Lisa and The Big Blue Team aim to share their passion for the beauty of the Greek seas, culture, landscape, people and cuisine with every one of our swimmers; we believe we have found the swimmers’ paradise!

Our trips are designed to be a balanced combination of relaxation and adventure. The Big Blue team spend a great deal of time planning each of our trips, ensuring that we work with high quality accommodation and local staff and offer the swimmer a tailored experience that they will cherish. We believe that during a swimming holiday it is important to have time out to relax in between the swims and get into the Greek spirit. This is why Michael and Lisa have personally scouted, swum and selected particular swim routes, that include stops at fishing harbours, villages, remote islands and beaches for the swimmer to enjoy local cuisine at traditional Greek tavernas and explore each unique destination…after all you have worked to get there!

The Big Blue team combines a mix of diverse skills, catering both for the newer open water swimmer alongside those that want to train a little faster and improve fitness. Our team are all experienced in open water and have also attained the relevant life saving qualifications, making your swims safe as well as enjoyable. Lastly, we feel it is really important that you get a real Greek experience, which is why we have a bilingual team with local knowledge to make you feel at home in Greece…our guides and Greek boat captains can even teach you the all important Greek phrases!

kalo kolimbi (Happy Swimming)

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